Classes @ Woodland Wellbeing

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Virtual Classes

Ever since installing our Les Mills Virtual Class system we have been able to offer our members a brand new fresh experience in how people exercise.

Body Pump: One of the most effective ways to hit all major muscle groups in one fantastic workout. With Pump it’s just you, a barbell and reps, lots and lots of reps. Body Pump is delivered via our state of the art Les Mills Virtual Class system.

SHBAM: Dance the calories away with SHBAM. The intense rhythmic movements as well as strict core involve is a sure fire way of improving your overall physique as well as your co-ordination.

CX Works: This half hour class focuses on your core in its entirety, not just your abs but all the surrounding muscles (posterior chain) as well as your lower back. This virtual class is a fantastic way to strengthen an area which so many of us struggle with.

Body Balance: A relaxing combination of Yoga, Pilates and Ti Chi. We guarantee you will feel relaxed after taking part in this extremely popular class. Delivered via our Les Mills Virtual Class system.

Instructor Taught Classes

Group Cycle: Perhaps the most effective calorie burning, leg toning class you can take part in. Classes range from 30-45 minutes. Work at your own level, match the instructor or maybe work a little harder. A great way to get fit fast!

Pilates: Pilates has long been a proven way to improve posture and improve flexibility. By incorporating a series of balance and stretch based exercises Pilates will develop your core stability.

Will Power: A quick 30 minute blast of circuit based exercises. No two classes are ever the same. You are guaranteed to sweat.

Bootcamp: A more intense circuit based class under the strict control of one of our instructors. Don’t expect a kind ride.

Yoga: Yoga increases your flexibility and strength with a focus on controlled breathing techniques. Our 90 minute class typically involves the Yoga practice of Ashtanga. Beginners are welcome.

Kick Punch and Crunch: As the title suggests. KP&C is a great way to start the day. A typical 40 minute class ranges from pad work, core work as well as weighted shadow boxing.

Aqua Aerobics: For many of us low impact exercise is our only option. Aqua Aerobics takes place in our pool where the water is your resistance.

Zumba: A popular fitness class inspired by Latin Dance with a great soundtrack to get your heart pumping. Get fit and have fun.