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Newsletter December 2017

It’s time for the final newsletter of the year. A few things to report which should gear you up for the new year ahead.

For anyone who does not yet know. This Friday is our last open day of the year and we reopen on 02/01/18.

New Gym Equipment:

We’ve been demonstrating the new SkillMills for a week now and are delighted to see that there are a number of people who have ditched the treadmills in favour of these incredible new machines. If you are a runner then you really need to check these out.


Steam Room Repairs:

A few tiles have fallen off in the steam room. Repairs are scheduled for this Thursday (21/12/17). Unfortunately, this means that the steam room will be out of action for the remainder of the week as the tiles will need to fully dry. I apologise to anyone who was hoping to get a steam in before we close on Friday night..


Lost Property:

We will be disposing of all lost property by the end of the week. So, if you think you have left something here now is the time to ask.



Remember there is slight disruption to Yoga as Phil is on Holiday. His first class back will be 18/01/18. We will be projecting Virtual Body Balance Classes until then.


Class bookings:

Remember to book your classes, especially in the new year. Group Cycle promises to be busy so to guarantee your bike please remember to book. Same applies to all other classes. Do this online or by calling us.


Our Promise:

Our Promise is available to new and current members. If you have not taken advantage of what Our Promise offers then please speak to a member of staff. To sum up. 5 FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS AND MONTHLY BODY FAT % TESTS. How could you possibly say no to this?


Myzone in the new year:

For anyone looking to get into fitness trackers then we cannot recommend the Myzone device enough. The more of you using them here the merrier. Check the link out for a fantastic discount.


Free Trials at Woodland:

If you know anyone who would like to try WoodLand before they buy then please direct them to the free trial link via our website. Always good to get a feel of the environment before joining.


Bring on 2018!!!:

That is everything for this final newsletter of the year.

All of the team at WoodLand would like to thank you all for staying committed throughout the year. We have seen some tremendous improvement throughout 2017 from so many of you and we hope you all bring this great attitude into the new year.

Enjoy your time off, don’t worry too much about cake consumption, we will be here to help you burn it all off in 2018 ;)

For any questions you have about WoodLand please feel free to email me.