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Newsletter November 2017

Welcome to our latest newsletter. There is plenty to report.

Time Table Alteration:

We are currently making a few minor alterations to our Class Timetable. Nothing too major, a few removals and a few additions. However, the big change will occur for people who take part in our morning classes. Due to popular demand all of the first morning classes will be brought forward by 10-15 minutes to accommodate people’s working hours more appropriately. No more rushed showers in the morning.

We will display a timetable highlighting the changes in the gym on Monday. These changes will be implemented permanently for the week commencing the 4th of December.


Richard Returns:

You may remember a couple of months back we announced the departure of one of our Fitness Advisors Richard. Well guess what? He’s back with a bang! Thankfully we still had his uniform so it’s almost as if he never left us in the first place. Welcome back buddy! If your goal is major gainz then you no longer only need to speak to me for advice. Richard is at hand to help you get hench for Xmas.


Myzone Changes:

You may have noticed an update to our Myzone System. We now offer fitness videos in the gym. These should be available in the Group Cycle studio next week. If you fancy loading one up then let a member of staff know. Trust us, they are tough. For the popular Myzone discount please follow the link provided.

Again, we highly recommend this product.



Lockers and Parking at WoodLand:

There are 14 lockers in total being occupied overnight. These will be emptied on Tuesday the 14th. Similarly, people storing their contents on top of the lockers will also have these removed on the mentioned date. We will continue to remove changing room contents every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00pm. We allow storage of your belongings when you are actively in the facility, we are not a storage facility for when you are not here. If you have any disputes regarding this then please feel free to speak to me. Same applies to the parking outside. If you are a member using the car park when you are not in the facility then we kindly ask you to stop.



There have been a few repairs which have taken place at WoodLand over the past week. The broken cables on the Core Machine, the Low Pull and DAP have been replaced and sauna lights have now been re-fixed into position. Unfortunately, yesterday another cable on the overhead press has broken, this has been reported and we expect replacement in 5-10 days of this newsletter being published. A service of all of the Group Cycle bikes will be taking place next week so you should notice a much smoother ride after they are tinkered with. We always endeavour to get all of these issues rectified as soon as possible.


Xmas is Coming:

It’s that time of the year again where we all begin to think about the festivities which will no doubt ensue for many of us. With the festiveness comes the inevitable increase in cake consumption. Don’t allow yourself to drop off from your fitness routine. Speak to a member of staff if you feel like you need a boost. You will notice our traditional Calorie Burn Challenge occur next month as well as a festive Myzone Challenge. So get involved in the WoodLand Festivities.

For any questions you have about WoodLand please feel free to email me.