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Newsletter January 2018

We know it’s been a couple of weeks but we thought we’d let you all settle down before we threw the first newsletter of the year at you. We hope you are all very much back into the swing of things.



As many of you know, we are a provider of Myzone. You can get a heavily discounted device by clicking the link provided.

If you would like to experience Myzone before you buy then take part in one of our Group Cycle classes to see what they offer. We have many users, all of whom enjoy Myzone as part of their fitness plan. We highly recommend this product. Even I bought a nice shiny new one today, should be arriving tomorrow, excited! Let the games begin. We have just started our Staff VS Members challenge! Promises to be a competitive one.


Our Promise:

You should all be aware of WoodLand’s Our Promise System. As a member you receive 5 free personal training sessions as well as free monthly ultrasound bodyfat tests. Please be aware that if you wish to start these sessions then book in advance to secure your desired times. We can normally accommodate people’s first session within a two-week period.


Car Parking:

People who use the gym in our off-peak hours have been particularly hindered and more often than not cannot find a parking space. Onsite security guards have taken notice of this and have been monitoring usage on a morning basis. It look’s as though this has freed up the car park to some degree over the past few days. We have been told that the car park will be monitored on a morning basis at least three times a week. To any members who use the car park when not actively using the gym we kindly ask you to stop.

If you have not yet picked up a new car park pass please do so at the front desk.


Class Bookings:

As always this time of year, classes have started to fill up fast. We highly recommend booking for classes to avoid disappointment. You can book for classes online.


Class Time Changes:

Towards the end of last year we received a large number of requests for the morning classes to be brought forward slightly to accommodate earlier starts at work. Unfortunately a large number of those making this request do not actually turn up to classes. We will continue to monitor numbers until the end of the month and will make a decision then if we are to alter times once again.


Illness at Woodland:

There have been one or two members of staff at WoodLand recently getting quite ill and not being able to work (get well soon Alex). We have also noticed quite a few members over the past week exercising when they probably shouldn’t. Please look after yourselves! Exercise is not always a good option if you are feeling under the weather and should definitely be avoided of you are experiencing flu symptoms. Rest and recuperation is more often than not the best option. If you are clearly too Ill to exercise please do not be offended if a member of staff recommends that you stop, go home and have a nice cup of tea ??



The swim jet is currently out of order. We are awaiting repair for this and have been told that this repair work will be completed within the next two weeks.


365 at Woodland:

In 2018 there will be a real push this year to encourage you all to try something different every workout at WoodLand. Please follow us on facebook and Instagram for daily and weekly exercise suggestions/videos which promise to make your routines more exciting.


Ropes and Ladders Challenge:

The new Ropes and Ladders challenge will be displayed for Monday the 22nd of January. This is one of our progress based challenges which always prove very popular amongst members. If interested please speak to a member of staff for more details.

For any questions you have about WoodLand please feel free to email me.